Sony Ericsson PC Suite

Sony Ericsson PC Suite for Symbian

Toolkit for working with your cellphone and your PC

The Sony Ericsson PC Suite version 3.1.1 includes the following applications:

Sync Station allows you to synchronise content such as contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and e-mails between your mobile phone and applications on your computer.

Backup and Restore allows you to backup the information in your mobile phone to your computer. If you have lost information in your mobile phone, you can easily restore a saved backup, stored on your computer, onto your mobile phone.

File Manager allows you to copy both individual files and entire folders between your mobile phone and your computer.

Install Software allows you to download and install software on your mobile phone.

Download Language allows you to download languages to your mobile phone.

Phone Connection Monitor allows you to check the current communication status and provides shortcuts to some of the software applications in the PC Suite. The Phone Connection Monitor is installed in the Startup folder during the PC Suite installation and will henceforth be started every time that the computer is started.

Dial-Up Networking Wizard will guide you through the creation of GPRS or HSCSD dial-up connections for your personal computer to connect to the Internet or to a corporate network.

The Mobile Phone Monitor Control Panel applet allows you to view and update mobile phones connected to your computer, COM ports on your computer and SIM cards recognized by your computer.

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Sony Ericsson PC Suite


Sony Ericsson PC Suite 3.1.1

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